An Investment in Knowledge Always Pays The Best Interest

The principals of CenterMark were groomed for professional life in corporate America — Money Center Banks and, what were then known as, Big 5 accounting firms.

Rather than mirror the type of organizational structures we grew up in, CenterMark elected to stay small. We believe it allows us to react quickly to new opportunities and provide better customer service to our clients. We have been able to grow volume by bringing on new ‘outsourced’ team members in the areas of leasing, brokerage, and construction, among others. Additionally, we have established joint venture relationships with commercial real estate developers who have different skill sets (i.e. office, industrial, and multifamily sectors), allowing CenterMark to diversify.

In order to generate new projects, CenterMark believes it is critical to remain on top of the current trends in the marketplace. To do so, CenterMark maintains its ties with past employers and involves itself with industry organizations of a national scale, such as NAIOP, ICSC, etc. We also read and view dozens of industry publications regularly. One such media source is

Below is a video link to that highlights the performance of REITS through the third quarter of 2010. I found the individual sector trends and yield data to be highly informative. I hope you do as well.

REITs Outperform Broader Market Through 3Q 2010



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