Owner’s Representation

On a select basis, Centermark Development provides Owner’s Representation Services for both commercial and residential projects. Every project is different and a client’s needs can vary widely. Centermark Development offers is Owner’s Representation Services on an “a la carte” basis to craft an engagement that meets the needs of the project. These services can include:

  • Selecting third-parties and negotiating contracts
  • Administrating the preparation of plans, specifications, construction documents, etc.
  • Assisting the Owner in obtaining construction and permanent financing
  • Obtaining all development, construction and zoning consents, permits, approvals and variances necessary for the Project
  • Administrating, and coordinating the performance of architect, engineers and contractor with respect to the Project (invoices, change orders, punchlist items, schedule monitoring, onsite inspections, etc.)
  • Collection of documents and record keeping
  • Holding periodic coordination meetings with all architectural and engineering contractors, Owner, and the general contractor.

Through its Owner’s Representative Services, clients outsource the developer role and benefit from Centermark’s over 60 years of combined experience in development, management, financing, and management.

Success Story

Learn how we used our skills to develop the Sara J. Harper Village apartment complex for the Volunteers of America.